Navision Localization Workbench anyone?

Does anyone here have experience with the Navision Localization Workbench? My problem is primary the speed of this tool. It works as slow as it is not practical to use. But I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Must I optimize my hardware, my disks, my memory or?

hi I too have a bitter experience with the workbench. It is slow nothing can makes it fast, it work its own way. moreover i was frustrated with the user manual too. With Regards

I agree, it’s damn slow, though I just have been working with it on a Pentium II, 200Mhz, 64Mb RAM and always thought that it should work better with a faster machine. What I noticed is that the database size is really strange, and when importing existing txt files you have to be really careful. E.g. you import a txt language file with three different language codes, then the database itself will include the three languages but it’ll only show the one you are translating… all in all, I was quite disapointed about the actual performance. Saludos Nils

Have you found out what is the most important factor: the disks, the processor or the memory?

I guess it is because the database is stored in the access database. And the database size is relatively large. If you try to import just table part, you will find it faster. That’s what I experienced before. So, more memory may help the problem. hope some technical member can give you more advice

If you find, that the tool is very slow importing or autotranslating, first compress the database, close the program and then reopen. It will work much faster, really! It is NOT very good programmed.

Hi Forum little ot : i am looking for a translated textfile in german.(Not such a file for the language-module which translates the application language) Does anyone know if that does exist anywhere? I would like to code for testing with german objects like i did before in financials. Thanks Carsten

Hi, I have just been running the Localization Workbench on a Pentium III, 866 Mhz, 256Mb Ram and it worked reasonably well, as they state in the manual RAM is really important because the db is really getting large.


am looking for a translated textfile in german.(Not such a file for the language-module which translates the application language)

What do you refer to exactly? since version 3 the objects and names are all in english, and only available in english and all translations are handled with multilanguage (CaptionML, etc.). Saludos Nils

Another hint, turn the “Suggestions” window off / hide it, this makes the loading of the Translation Table a lot faster… Saludos Nils

hmmm, My laptop IBM T30 60Gb/5400Rpm, 512Mb ram 1,2Mhz works - no problems at all…

Great tool, the Workbench. A collegue of mine translated an Add-on from ENU to NLD (dutch). He had a hard job doing it, cause the ACCESS db wasn’t very stable. Now I am trying to import the .txt files in the objects (Tools > Translate > Import). Codeunits, Dataports and Reports are ok. But the .txt files for Forms and Tables are large, larger than 1MB. Navision can’t handle large .txt files. When importing it returns an error: Internal Error 9, Module 24. Splitting up the .txt files is annoying and takes many hours. I gave up when it didn’t want to import the translation for 1 table ! Does anyone know this bug, and knows how to solve this? I am using a Navision 370A client and a local db. The laptop has an Intel Pentium 1000Mhz. 512 MB RAM. Should be enough !? Maarten

Maarten, this relates to too long lines in the txt file, mainly CaptionML of Option strings. I found a post in this forum, try searching for it and you basically have to split the original txt file and start loading smaller files in order to “identify” the line that is disturbing the upload. Lock this line in the Workbench and load it manually in Navision directly. Hope this helps. Saludos Nils

Thanks Nils, I solved the problem with option strings that are too long. We managed to import the text files by splitting them. Sometimes the files where smaller than 300 lines! It just was a tiring and annoying job to do.

Hi all, I’m trying to get started using the Localization Workbench and I get error “Not in the correct format…” when tryin to add client files. I’m trying to add a table object exported as .txt from Navision. Can anyone clarify what sort of files does NLW expect when used for localizing Navision. Thanks

Atanas, it’s not the object file that must be loaded into the workbench but the plain translation file. You can create this file by selecting the objects, then Tools, Translate, Export. This creates a file that contains just the CaptionML strings (and some other stuff) for each language in your database, for each control. This file must then be loaded into the localization workbench. Saludos Nils

Thanks Nils, this fills the gaps that the manual has left Regards, Atanas