Navision Jobs and MS Projects

Hi There, Can anybody tell me how to integrate Navision with MS Projects. Thankyou in anticipation Amit

If you have the possibility, wait until MS releases integration between Project (Enterprise Project Management - Project Server) and Navision sometimes in the beginning of Q2 2005.

It is rather difficult to integrate MS project. It is done by automation. But there is a problem with the triggers of MS project. 2 Triggers almost have the same name. Because navision limits the lenght of the triggers, navision thinks that these 2 triggers are the same wich causes serious trouble. What we did is writing a wrapper between navision and MS project and we shortened the trigger names. This became to work well. Get yourself an automation and VB experts.

There is a laborious way to use MS-Project Automation in a Navision Codeunit, you have to export the Codeunit as a Text File and then delete all Event-Triggers manually after that you can Import and Compile the Codeunit. Regards Bastian

There is already an integration available between an extended MBS Navision Project Module and MS Project. If you need some more information, please send me a mail.

Danish Navicom ( has an integration between MBS-Navision and MS Project.

Hi all, We have been redeveloping a totally new Project Management solution for Navision 3.70/W1 version, with very deep integration to MS-Project 2003, where also we are offering the customer to control the Cash Flow with new detailed reports and integration to the Navision supply chain modules. MS-Project fanatics will love to see the filtering, grouping, outlining etc features which we have built into Navision. Hopefully the product will be available as an add-on around November 2004. Please contact, for any information request regarding the product.

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