Navision Integration with MS CRM/Sharepoint

Hi… Has any one tried to integrate Navision with MS CRM or Sharepoint Server? Can i get some info? Thnx in advance Sachin…

Hi, Not yet, but since we recently bought Sharepoint Portal Server I think integration is upcoming for us. What do you want to integrate?

Thnx… I just want to get general info about integration. Actually we Training institute are using Navision for our inhouse registration operations. But for all the sales/marketing activities we are using MS CRM and registration,Invoice,Finance we are using. But I want to know how to integrate that both operations. We have also started to use Sharepoint Server so in any case we can integrate Navision with MS CRM or Sharepoint it would be a great things for us. Sachin…

Here is some Information about the NAV integration into sharepoint.

For more Information visit:

IT IS activigence 2007 is the world-wide first solution for integration of business data out of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX into the Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or Windows SharePoint Services. IT IS activigence 2007 opens a new era in information management and brings distribution and storage of information and document administration onto a new level.

You can expose the results of any Navision database query or procedure directly within SharePoint lists with background updates. All list features available, e,g, workflow - if navision data changes.No coding or tools required, just:

The shareware is completely FREE.


i need to create a workflow with wss 3.0 and integrate it with nav. i need to capture a change in nav and then change the state of the workflow created in sharepoint. how can i do this with that feature?

thank you very much


with the BDLC you can do this as usual with SharePoint / WSS lists. There is nothing special. I would prefer to create a workflow in Visual Studio to use it later on with the service account. The workflow could be started, everytime any data changes in the BDLC list after scheduled syncs with Navision or other external data sources. The list connection itself is easy to configured:

Just try it out.

Using BDLC tool for Navision might have disadvantages. A table in Navision has Business Logic (in triggers) behind it and I can not see how BDLC can execute the business logic. So there is the risk of hurt data integrity. Better and safer is to make the SharePoint integration with a product like IT IS activigence.

As I understand, the question wasn’t about writing back to the Navision database. The idea is to use simply REAL SharePoint lists to display Navision data with all that great SharePoint list features, have

  • filter, grouping, sorting,
  • calculations,
  • lookups,
  • search available
  • in personal views,
  • You can build charts,
  • add attachments,
  • display date / time information in calendar view,
  • add social or other content like rating/ voting, comments, categorie tagging

and (see above)

  • start business actions directly in SharePoint using very flexible workflows, if external Navision data changes.

And all this in just minutes configured directly in the browser in the list settings dialog. So, don’t worry about data integrity. I would really not advice writing back to a Navition table…