Navision Integration with Geocode/API


Can we use Google’s or yahoo’s mapping API/Geocoding with Navision .

How it can be possible is there any ocx dll for this.

Please help me out



What do you want to use it for?

I’ve integrated Nav with mapserver for geocoding, but that is not free [:(]

Dear Mark

Thanks for your reply.

one of my client wants this integration

can you privide me help me in this concern what are the steps you followed

& what service we have to use & what we have to pay for …

waiting for your reply




Are you talking about the mapping solutions provided by Google?

If so have a look at this web service by Microsoft

I believe there are two licensing models

I don;t know about the costs, I’ve heard it was not cheap

This is their website

You can also use msmappoint. There is a downloadinterface available for this at

I guess we all see something differnt, but on this page I got a google add for map window, which looks like a lower cost solution.

I had a quick look at but I could see no way of changing the URL.

i.e. create a static string that you add param’s too before using Hyperlink.

But I think you can do that with, I saw it in a Navision Database somewhere.

Yes, installing street map and calling that would do the job, my vision was blinkered with the Web Service as I am in discussion with MS about using it on a new Web Based venture.

Hey there,

If you are trying to get directions and map. Use MAPQUEST.

They have end-user samples that can be executed within the application.

So users can access it from a customer card, vendor etc.

Its free, basically you can send a string of street1, street2, city, state, zipcode, open IE6 or 7(beta) and with a proper link to mapquest and its opens up automatically with the address shown and map.

Did I mention its free access and coding.

Use with VB, C/side, Access, Foxpro etc.

Be warned, MapQuest charge for Business services, hence why I spoke to MS who do a per session charge.

MapQuest $5K for the best package I believe!

MapQuest Bus. Solutions

Of course, some things are free even if they state FREEEEE.

But you should always read the find print and agreement. Even in the office if someone offers you a free Brownie…

Dear Gfuentes

Do you have the code or process for this.

can you please send me on


I’ll try to send you a sample code over the weekend. take care.

We recently built a .NET COM-Control which integrates in Navision and uses the Google-MapAPI.

It is possible to geocode addresses and show them with markers on the map (and a lot of features more).

If you are interested feel free to contact me.

I’ve done some very basic integration with MS Live services. Basically just directions between two points. See here for more info:

As mentioned in this post, you can use Google’s, but you have to implement a middle tier such as .NET to take care of it, since the Google API is web only. However, check the licensing usage for Google. When I looked in to it, there was wording in your use of the API that it can only be used for specific purposes, ie, not for enterprise purposes. See here:

For that usage, you will need Google Maps Enterprise. See here: