Navision Implementation Methodology

Hi to everyone. I am posgraduate student and I am writing my thesis about Navision Implementation Methodology. I have already studied about the Methodology (ontarger) proposed by Microsoft and I wonder if this methodology is helpful and if this methodology is actualy adobted by companies. I think tha it is too complex and requires a lot of documenatition to be created. I would like to know your oppinion about that. Does your company use it and why? Thank you in advance!

Hi, We use part of the methodology: FRD, EDD and Project Charter. I general you are right about the methodology. It was developed based on the Client with 200+ users and requires a lot of documentation. The main problem that on the smaller implementations people does not read and do not understand this kind of documentation so it is WASTE.

Your comment is very interesting and I agree with it. I want and more opinions about On target implementation… please help

Hi, Adding to the above comment, The documentation requried as per the On-Target methodology really is helpful. At the same time, It does add up to the project delivery time. There are other methodologies also practised by some other NSCs’. Eg. Simulation Techniqe: Primarily this involves Simulation runs with sample master Data and evolves an acceptable model after 2-3 of such simulations. Here also good amount of documentation is created but not as much as the On Target mehtodolgy. However, in accordance with the size and experience of various implementors, These mehodolgies do vary a lot. I doubt if you can get the right kind and amount of information as these methodologies are sort of Core Business Competecies for Implemeting partners. Regards. DD

I can only agree with your opinions, the documentation required by OnTarget is really too extensive for smaller and midsized projects. In our case we used the OnTarget as a starting point and extract the documents and forms that are useful and understandable by users and decision makers. I think this step is necessary for any MS partner who wants to work with OnTarget, as including your logo, applying your layout, and customizing certain parts is absolutely necessary. But the good point is you don’t have to invent the wheen again [;)] Saludos Nils

Hi, It is absolutely necessary to use the methodology but yes not in ful. Every NSC can use part of it as per the requirement. Any implementation without methodology will run into trouble before or after. So be alerted. Regards, Anuj

hi , I have gone through the implementation methodology techniques and I think that it is extremely help ful till both the client as well as NSC stick to the norms laid in the methodology. Documentation is certainly useful whether the implementation is for small organisation or a big organisation. Being in a client side and implementing the application , it seems to me that the documentation of every do’s & dont’s is extremely useful.Afterall documentation is nothing but writing your experiences. Thanks & regards, Prabh Singh

hi I would like to get information about Navision Methodology for implementation. Is it “on target” ? Can anyone help me? Thanks[:)]