Navision hangs, must reboot or detach/reattach db

Version 3.60.A, SQL server with XP workstations. We’re having a problem where one user will become hung when trying to post or insert new information. There is no error message and other people working in the same area will also become hung. The only resolution is to either reboot the Navision Server or Detach and Reattach the database. Obviously, this is not a long term solution. Has anyone had a similar issue? Hopefully with a resolution. Thank you, Gwen

hi, i had a similar problem in my own posting units. There was an endlees loop in some rare cases and it was a lot of trying and searching to find it. the most important part was to find a repeatable situation of hanging. After 2 month we had it. Then some strange step by step searching in application designer to find the loop and the error was fixed. Fixing time : 4 month (:-((((