Navision Exam - Development w1 05-011

Hello all, I want to pass the exam in Navision Development W1 05-011. Can someone send me the exam test questions and answers or sample test questions? [8)] ( Thanks.

Hello Patrizia, take a look at the following link and you will come across the official MBS prerequisites concerning the Development II Exam (former Development Exam) … And here are some sample topics that you might across the Development Exam : The following QAs display a small review of the development exam. The answers are to be reviewed. Use them as a study guide. 1.When can we run a modal report during a transaction? (RequestForm=False) 2.What automatic code is been created by using the form wizard? (None?) 3.How do we compile in Object Designer? (Select and F11) 4.Shortcut key for Statistics – Open Entries? (F9?) 5.Which function is used when copying header to header records? (Transferfields) 6.Is TOTALS on Reports the same as using CALCFIELDS? (see CreateTotals, TotalFields with OnPreDataItem) 7.Extended LOCKTABLE. 8.Multiple OnRun Trigger Parameters of Codeunits. (No) 9.How can we make a codeunit use a record variable? (1 parameter on TableNo propery of codeunit) 10.The LookUp Code on a Form overrides the Table lookup code? Yes 11.How do we implement a runform link feature? (PushAction->RunObject->RunFormView->RunFormLink->RunFormLinkType) 12.Triggers on Table and Form Objects. 13.Where can we use the UpdateFontBold function? (OnFormat Trigger) 14.How the Report/Dataport Dataitems work (see pseudocode in application designer) 15.How the Report: Skip – Break – Quite function work. 16.How can we use the Report.ShowOutput function? (onPreSection) 17.Definition of Subsidiary and Supplemental tables. 18.Roles and Phases of the development methodology. 19.When we have to import data with a dataport and we have a field in the file that has more characters than the table field supports, what do we do to overcome the error? (use a variable instead and CopyStr function) 20.What to we do when importing checked or unchecked values with dataports? 21.Can we display the Import worksheet while importing text objects? (no) 22.We the Import Worksheet exclamation mark (warning) appears? 23.How do we export objects that we have implement? (Object Designer, show all, filter modified=1, place version tag, clear filters, filter by version tag, select all, export) 24.Implementing with multiple programmers. 25.Mail Merge and Automation. 26.Prototype creation (who, when). 27.How do we create the development database of a customer? 28.Project Log Document. 29.Using dataports to import in journals-Ledger Entries. 30.What is the default Batch when entering or reentering in a Journal Form? 31.How do we create multiple filters in a Request Form of a Report? (ReqFilterFields, ReqFilterHeading) 32.Usage of the Request Form of a Report (UseReqForm property, UseRequestForm function) 33.Which main tables are always posted with the Postiline routine, if anything at all updates? (Register, Ledger Entries) 34.Usage of the OnInitDataport and OnPreDataport. 35.When do we plan for customer updates? (When making initial implementation plans) 36.How do we compile with the object designer? (select and F11) 37.Size of data written in a stream file for a specific variable and value. (TextMode=false->int 1000=4bytes, TextMode-True->int 1000=4+1=5) 38.Usage and removal of key groups by the end user. 39.Where do we find the PrintOnEverypage property (Header and Footer Sections) Hope I helped a bit [:D]

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