Navision/E-Ship Miscelleneous Package from Pack Line Scanning?

Is it possible to create a Miscelleneous Package from the Pack Line Scanning screen?

What is the difference between a miscelleneous package and a normal package?

Hmm got me thinking here, but.

Out of the box I think you can’t create a misc package form packline scanning, since packline scannign requires a Sales Header record to work, and it then needs a line to actually pack. having been required inthe past to modify packline scanning, I must say its probably one of the hardest pieces of Navision code I have every had to modify*, so if you can avoid it please do so.

Basically my understanding is that a “normal” pacakge needs to be attached to a record in Navision, whereas a misc package can be just about anything you wont to send via UPS/Fedex etc.

  • Ok its probably not as bad as trying to work with making changes to MRP but not far off.