Navision Development pdf

Hi All, It will be great if you send me the Navision (3.7) Development pdf. This is my mail id - thanks in advance, vikas

The one that is on the Product CD?

Hi Vikas, Hey the dev pdf are heavy on size. Let me know if i could send you one at a time. BTW is mphasis starting Navision practices or what. Rgds K M Bhartiya

Hi… I am planning to take navision certification exams but i have some qurries regarding the exam, 1. Currently here in India we are using Navision 3.7, so whether i shold take exam for 3.7 or shld wait for version 4 to be released & then take the exam. 2. I am not able to find the Navision 3.7 Development.pdf & 3.7 solution pdf. which are very much essentials for the exam. Please help me in this regard, thanks in advance, vikas