Navision delveloper training?? Where do I begin?

Hi All,

I’ve been tasked by my company to become a quasi-in-house Navision developer.

I would need to create reports and make minor program changes.

I haven’t done any programming in many years…(Fortran and SQL)

Can anyone proivde any suggestions to help me get up to speed. My goal is to eventually do as much programming as I can without having to call on our Navision Consultant.

Any suggestion would be helpful.

hi Armin,

welcome to dynamics user group …!

you can start with online help

Books also available in amazone

all the best

Hello Armin,

I recommend following books/ study material for NAV Technical training:

  1. Application Designer’s Guide (A PDF file, which is there in NAV installation CD)

  2. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 BOOK by David Roy

3. There is another book by Mark Brummel.

Thanks for the suggestions Dhan!

Just got a copy of David’s Book. I will be going through it. Do you happen to know where I can get a developer’s copy of NAV. I’d like to setup a test environment so I can start learning to program the system.

Thanks again


There is no special Dev version - only license determines can you do development or no.

Please search for Developer license, in this same forum there have already been a bazillion of threads about this theme, answer is too long to write it here once more…