Navision Database restore in SQL Server 2005- facing issue with stored procedure

We are using Navision 4.0(SP3). I am new to Navision and Database Administartion. I got restored the Navision production database backup (SQL Server 2005) in to our testing environment. Everything works fine from when I setup the application from the restored database but I am not able to execute any of the stored procedures in the SQL Management studio.It gives me the following error

‘Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Procedure pt_help, Line 1
Incorrect syntax near ‘?’.’
please advise me

Firstly, check the code you are calling your SP with.Secondly, check your SP for the ‘?’ character. Feel free to paste the code you’re using to call your SP.

From the name of that stored procedure it looks like you have SQL Perform installed on your production database. You need a license to be able to run that stored procedure on other servers, and you need to have certain things installed before you can run them. Get in touch with whoever is in charge of the production database, and let them tell you how it works. Any stored procedure that starts with pt_ is not going to work until you have a license for it.

Thanks. Yes its due to SQL Perform license. I have got the scripts and executed its working fine