Navision database replication

Hi we have 2 servers running Navision Financials & on both I have Raid 5 implemented of which I feel its not enough to cover a disaster. I need some assistance on how best or use to replicate data on two servers periodically eg after every 4 hrs which one of the server will running on pause mode. The other issues having replication you can always replicate corrupt data (users may not pick the problem immediately) A demo/evaluation software will be highly appreciated. NB am not Navision Developer.

First thing is that if you want a secure system DO NOT use RAID 5, switch to RAID 1.

Then if running on SQL consider using a Stand-By Server. You can read about it in SQL Books on-line

Hi machuku, If you are using navision servers then you can use GoPro replication addon. You can contact Landsteinar for further assistance or click on this url:

We’re not running SQL version, I’ll pursue Ahmed and post my experience with GoPro for the time being. email: