Navision CRM

I am using Navision CRM though Ciritx and keep recieving error message

This message is for C/AL programmes:Could not create an instance of the OLE control or Automation server identified byGUID={03BC4F50-2ABB-48B3-B2A6-3F08EB1D013E}1.7:{4DD4A3AB-B2FB-4852-A2C8-7C4691C536EA}:’NS OutlookSynchronizationHandler’ Unknown Class.Check that the OLE control or Automation server is correctly installed and registered

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David, please do not missunderstand this. But could you be a little bit more specific. Which NAV version you are using? How is NAV installed in the Citrix environment? Any more information you can give is better for us to point you into the right direction.

The error message you posted could come from any point of the system where Outlook integration is used. So please update and we might be able to help you.



Sorry a bit new to this.

I have a citrix farm, each citrix server has Navision 4.0 intalled

Users login thought a citrix web interface and select Navision

What should happen is a email is send to there supervisor so he/she know there is a po waiting for approval, when the supervisor tries to aprove the po the error message occurs.

On the citrix server there is also outlook2003 installed