Navision Client for Windows - CE

Does Navision have or is there an addon to run the Navision client on a hand held device running under the Windows CE operating system? Thanks.

there are a couple of options: Online: - MS Terminal Client (I am not sure if it can run on CE, but there is one for pocket pc) - User portal (the user will use a web browser to perform the tasks in Navision) Offline: - Expandit BAS Server is an option, read more here:

Mjanum… if there’s one for pocket pc it runs on windows CE, as pocket pc’s are using windows ce. The question is… are you going to enter data or print reports from a hand held device??? are you going to connect a printer to your pocket pc??? (reports need at least a printer installed on the machine just to do a preview)… entering the data from the hand held can be a hell… all people i know using hand helds (including myself) prefer entering the data in the computer and synchronizing with the handheld instead… as long as the data is kept into the server’s database… what’s the use on having a hand held client?? are you going to connect to the server without using a computer as intermediate?? Regards,

If I may add a question here? We’re thinking of using wireless Windows CE devices with built in scanners as part of our new Inventory Control system. They would run forms that would have a minimum of user input, mostly scan and acknowledge. Does anyone have experience using CE devices via Citrix? Michael

Where do I find this Pocket PC client?

Here’s the link: Hope it helps you :slight_smile: Regards,