Navision Certification

Hi …

am new to ERP…

How far certification is useful…whats the procedure.

Is it helpful for future life…




You can find the relevant information from partnersource and incase you do not have access to it then visit the following site for the syllabus etc of various exams…

Hi Prasad,

If you are looking for info on the Dynamics training & certification in India, kindly get in touch with me on the following id. xxxx (removed by Admin - please use personal messages PM’s - no emails should be mentioned directly in the forums).

Please note that we are the only Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Training in India & have schedules across various locations.

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Would like to know more about training/certificaton in India and locations

Here’s my opinion:

if you have lots of experience then you don’t need certification unless upper management demands it.

If you are new in business then you need a certification to prove that you understand and have knowledge of the application. If you work for a minor Navision Solution Center and they don’t have enough MCP-points for a “Gold Partner Status”, then you will increase your marketvalue a lot with bringing some certifications and MCP-points into the company.

IMHO, certification is good for improving your professional portfolio.

Especially certificates are useful for beginers in some area, they can compensate lack of experience for employers.

But of course, there is nothing better then relevant experience.