Navision Certification - Dumps

Hi Experts, I am going to start my prepartion on navsion examination on Finance (Exam code MBS - 221, MBS -222 & MBS - 225) Kindly help me with dumps to complete my exams… Thanks friends…

My advice for you is to start reading the manuals and working through the application, checking all the data and the functions.

The CRONUS demo is a good starter for investigating NAV.

That is the best way to pass the exams and then become an export.

There are no shortcuts.

Hi Sankar,

yes there are plenty of site out there that support what you are asking i.e. CHEATING. Exam dumps are nothing more than that. But where does it get you. Yes you will get your 100% in the exam, and you can brag about how much of a genius you are, but really after the first week or two in your new job, people will realize what you did to get your certification, and that will be the end. Your reputation will get around and slowly you will find it impossible to get a job.

What jsark said is correct, instead of learning the exam questions, you need to learn Navision. The Dynamics User Group will help you all the way in learning Navision, but we WILL NOT help you cheat and take short cuts.

During my last trip to India, I met with a company that asked me how it is that one of their developers got 100% in all his exams, but really is not as good as people that took three attempts to pass the tests. And I explained how it is easy to cheat. They are very clear now that they will check that the person actually knows Navision now, and anyone they find that cheated to pass the exams, they will spread that name though the Navision world to make sure tha person never gets a job.

So please make the effort to learn Navision. I will even help you. I am going to be giving training classes in Bangalore to show potential Navision developers how to do it properly. If there is enough demand, I am also planning Chennai. But I will expect people to do it properly. To learn Navision and not to ask for cheat notes, or as you call it exam dumps. (PS these classes will be free).

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HI David and Jonathan, Many thanks for the reply… Now i can understand what to do… i started to learn navision from depth… Thanks again for the guidance…

Sankar, GREAT ATTITUDE, you will do well in Navision when you think like this, and you are going to be very welcome to ask real Navision questions, and get all the help you need here at The Dynamics User Group. [Y]

Hi David, With all of your experts blessings i will surely do well in navision… Thank you very much david for the wonderful sharing of thoughts…

Hi Sankar,

I also don’t recomend you to use dumps at all, but get real knowledge.

As it was written before you could use demo license of Navison and manuals to gain knowledge for the exam.

I am eagerly waiting for such a training to enrich our knowledge in Navision. As u said righly, Knowledge is the power.

Pls. announce the date and time of your training schedule for banglore and chennai. Wherever it suits for me, am interested

in attending the same.


I am perhaps too late for this. But in case u r coming to Bangalore sometime this year, so let me know. I would also like to attend ur sessions/classes and I’ll try to absorb whatever I can.



Hi, I wanna do certification in Finance, but as m from science backgroud, financial terms are hard to digest for me.

I am going through pdf and trying to learn it but m not confident enough for the exam.

Can anybody help me for understanding Finance in NAV. I am ready to take all kinds of efforts.

Plz let me know any training or seminar schedule for it.

Harshad Shastri

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I’m going to start learning Navision and very pleased that found this web site. Special thanks to David. You give a hope.

Great stuff Oleg and welcome to The Dynamics User Group. Please ask questions when you get stuck, read all the manuals, and play with Navision every minute you get a chance, just post orders and create customers and items, apply payments etc. all that time spent now will pay for it self in the future.