Navision BACKUP

Hi, it’s possible to run the NAvision Backup function, without open Navion? If no, does it exist a dll to create a program in VB? Thank’s a lot

Hello, I do not think that it is possible on the Navision Standard DB. I do not think anything has been added with the new versions to change this functionality. You can write a script or bat file to automate the hotcopy backup very easily. We use the third party tool, ExpandIT Backup Utility, to create the standard backup fbk files. It will also compress (zip format) the backup files to reduce space. You can find this at I know there are other third party tools that do this.

Look at the command line utility hotcopy.exe which is installed in the same folder as Navision’s Database Server. This should be enough. If it isn’t, follow Owen’s tip and look into ExpandIT’s Backup Utility.