Navision Backup

I have a customer who is using backup exec. Does the open file agent available with this product backup Navision files. What is the recommended backup for navision.

You need to stop the service if you really wanted to back up the .fdb directly and use this kind of backup software. The recommended one is to use the Logical backup , that is using NF client, to back up your database into .fbk and then you can use any backup software like backup exec, Arcserver, or even NT back up to back up this .fbk If you use SQL server Option, the use the SQL Server backup utility, that is from SQL Enterprise manager console. Have a nice day Mario Kresnadi Singapore goodname

Try the Backup utility from ExpandIT, this will automatically back up daily Navision to a *.fbk file then just back up the server as normal to tape etc: Never rely on a backed up database file. David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

David is quite right, except with the Navision backup, I would consider all others unrealiable for 1 major reason: If an error has occured in the database structure, other backups mearly copy the bad database. Navision backups not only backup the database data but also check the database integrity as it backsup. If you do the backups daily, then you can never lose more than 1 day of data without detecting the error. The other way, it could possibly be days or weeks. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117 Edited by - wbenefiel on 2001 Sep 14 21:22:52

Hi Just remeber that You can use tape backup and still get the integrity check. Before backup stop the server. After backup execute the client from a batch file with the dbtest parameter. The nest line in the batch file restarts the Navision server service. If the dbtest finds an error that client locks the database since it opened the database locally and the first user that tries to log will get an error message. This way You can combine tape backups with integrity checks. ExpandIT’s Backup Utility is still a good product though as You with that can schedule backups durin work hours. That You can’t do with the tape backup. //Lars

Be aware that restoring an internal backup may take a lot of time. That depends very much on the size of your database and on your hardware. Because of that, also Navision does not recommend the internal backup for very large databases. Most of our customers with large databases do their backup the way that Lars described before. In case of emergency a restore will be much faster available, than with the internal backup. And doing the integrity check (it is crucial that you perform that check) you will be sure that there your database is o.K.