Navision Attain

Please email me at if anyone is aware of any Navision Installation on a Unix/AIX platform. Also, would like to know the following: 1. How robust is Navision Attain in an extremely fast transaction oriented environment. (eg 3000 invoices per day & each invoices has on an average 20 lines). What is the maximum database limit in Attain. 3. Are there any performance/bugs issues which are still not resolved in Attain. 4. On which OS platform / HW (Server) it performs best. 5. How many users can work concurrently in Attain Thanks Jagdish

  1. Navision attain database limit for 3.6 version is 64 GB whereas for ver 3.7 its 128 GB. 2. Performance is better with SQL server as database which is very scalable and can accomodate any amount of data. 3. It performs best in any microsoft platforms.NT/2000 thanks, Nitesh