Navision Attain Backup

As you all know, Navision Attain does not support online backup. In other words, you need to stop its service just to backup it through NTBackup or any third party backup software. I think this will become an issue when E-commerce modules are installed. As you know, the server should be available 24H (high availability) so that customers can access it any time.

I think you’ve posted this in the wrong forum. This is for the old character based version, rather than Attain. But anyway … Navision does support online backup. You go Tools - Backup and create a .FBK file. It is the .FBK file that you backup to whatever offline storage you are using, not the .FDB. That means you can backup while the system is in use. Doing it this way is better because the backup routine also has a housekeeping role and will alert you if there is a problem with the database, which you won’t get if you just backup the .FDB file. As an alternative, there is also the command line backup routine that you can use to generate the .FBK so you don’t even have to have a client running to do the backup. Cheers, John

I believe Navision Attain comes with something called hotcopy (or something like that) which also allows you to backup the .fdb file directly while still testing the database as it would with the internal backup.

Hotcopy “is your man”. It is a fast server-side backup that essentially performs file copying of the database files, while the server is still running as normal. It is a complete replacement for the client side “fbk” backup feature, which is still useful for platform independent import/export. Hotcopy is installed with the Attain server component.

But using HotCopy will create a backup with a file size as large as the original database on the local drive, backs up the whole database, cannot use network drives and cannot use tape drives. So it means that if I have a 10GB db and I need to backup everyday, can you imagine the impact of it in the local drive. Then after using hotcopy, I still need to copy it on the tape drive using NTBackup. That is twice the time.

Why cannot you use network drives? I can. Though the backup is slower. You are right, copying on the tape is twice the time, but the tape writing has low/neglectable impact on the database server thus your clients. If I were to use local disks, I would buy a new one just for backups, and split it on a Monday, Tuesday… directory structure. By making the according number of backup description files, the whole backup process could be automised. Regards Kalman

Has anyone had any experience with BackupExec software? We’re currently researching to see if it can back up a the native Navision .dbf file directly without affecting performance or clients. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada