Navision Attain 3.60 on sqlserver 2000

Hi! we have Navision Attain 3.60 with its own database on a windows 2000 server running (32 GB database). I want install on a test server my Navision 3.60 database with a sqlserver 2000 database. who could say me the steps how I could install that. Thanks

Backup the database in SQL and restore it in the same server with a new name or on a new server. That’s all. Then just connect to that new server/datbase with Your client. //Lars

When you say ‘with its own database’ I assume that means the native Navision Server. If so you need to do an Attain backup. Then use Attain SQL client and connect to you SQL Server, creating a new database on it. Then Attain restore the backup into the SQL database. Pay attention to the Collation tab in the New Database window when you create the SQL database. It is important to select the settings here that you would like for your database.