Navision Application Server Woes

We are running v2.6 code but are licensed for development and v3.7 server and application server. I am attempting the “hello world” example from MSDN and have run into the wall when attempting to start the application server process. We are running the native dB, not SQL. The event log message is as follows: Event ID: 109 This message is for C/AL programmers: (that be US) The call to member OpenReceiveQueue failed. MSMQQueueInfo returned the following message: The operation is not supported for a WORKGROUP installation computer. The server is Win2k/SP4 and our domain controller is Win2k3. I’m stumped! Any ideas?

Ok. I actually printed the AS manual and figured out how to run NAS from a prompt in debug mode. Here’s the code that it doesn’t like… CREATE(MQBus); CREATE(CC2); CREATE(XMLDom); CC2.AddBusAdapter(MQBus,1); MQBus.OpenReceiveQueue(’.\toNavision’,0,0); The last line produces the error. The message is the same, it just comes to the prompt. MQBus is an Automation variable defined as “‘Navision MS-Message Queue Bus Adapter’.MSMQBusAdapter” How do I tell Mr. Bus to take the domain train?

MQBus.OpenReceiveQueue(’.\toNavision’,0,0); The period in the quotes is for the machine from which the code runs. So if you had a message queue called ‘toNavision’ running on your machine, this code would work. You need to replace the period with the IP address of the server that has the queue running, or a network computername that your machine knows how to resolve. so try this (and use the real IP address of course): MQBus.OpenReceiveQueue(‘\toNavision’,0,0);

It turns out that the MSMQ service on the Win2k box that I am using as a server couldn’t talk to the domain controller’s MSMQ service. I re-installed MSMQ on the domain controller and then again on the Win2k box and life was better. I’m just starting to peel the shrink-wrap back on MSMQ and it is a whole new world (think little mermaid song). =<:O)

Cool, glad you got it to work [:D]