Navision Application Server - NAS

Can anyone help me to understand “Navision Application Server”?

How does this thing works? How to communicate with this server? I can’t find any usefull information in the documentation.

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Hello. Have you looked at the documentation in the new world wide developer courseware? An easy way to thing of NAS (Navision Application Server) is that it is a headless client. Basically, you create a function in codeunit 1, which is label with ID 99. You create some code (basically a Case Statement) to call other objects. The best way to see how to communicate is to look at either the Commerce Gateway or Commerce Portal products. /Michael

Hi, Do you ask about Attain aplication server? I tried to use NAS for demo purpose. But it not work as described in help. Answer from Navision was: Navision Aplication Server is not available in version 3.01. RGDS Gedas

I’m using Attain 3.10A by installing Navision Client 3.10A, Navision Server 3.10A. I’m trying to install Commerce Portal 3.10A. and make it works. However, upon installing Navision Application Server (NAS), I can’t start Navision Application Server-SQL eventhough I’ve used a new user with Administrator’s right and having startup parameter as ‘p’. When I try to start service at Service Manager onto Navision Application Server-SQL, it gives me error Navision Application Server NAVISIONDEMO-SQL service terminated with Error 1:Incorrect Function At MS-Dos command, when I type the following command, the following errors are shown: C:\Program Files\Navision Attain\Application Server>nas appservername=nas1, serv ername=navisiondemo,startupparameter=p Date: 04/11/02 - 4:47:31 PM: 4:47:31 PM: Navision Application Server version 3.10.A (Build 10394) 4:47:31 PM: Copyright (c) 1987-2002 Navision a/s 4:47:31 PM: - 4:47:31 PM: Your program license does not permit more users to work simultane ously. 4:47:31 PM: 4:47:31 PM: Wait until another user has quit the program. 4:47:31 PM: 4:47:31 PM: Contact your system manager if you want to allow more simultaneou s users on your system. - 4:47:31 PM: Navision Application Server nas1 could not initialize properly. 4:47:31 PM: The application server will attempt to initialize every 30 second s until this is successful. 4:47:31 PM: - 4:47:41 PM: Navision Application Server will shut down when the processing of the current request has finished. 4:47:41 PM: - 4:47:41 PM: Navision Application Server nas1 was shut down. I’ve to press Ctrl+C to stop the service. Can anyone help ? Thanks in advance.