Navision Application Server (NAS)

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I was wondering if somebody can give me information about NAS and Navision 2009 :

  • How to install and configure NAS in a Navision 2009 environment.

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In the NAV2009 DVD, you will find a folder by “Nas” name, install the executables from that folder.

Instad of starting NAV from services (by name Application Server for …), I generally prefer starting it from a .bat file.

I recommend you to copy and paste the following in a .txt file, for starting NAS Service.

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Application Server\nassql.exe” appservername=DHANRAJ-SQL (Replace it by your NAS Server Name),servername=YourSQLServerName,NETTYPE=TCP,database=Demo Database NAV (6-0),company=CRONUS USA Inc.,startupparameter=NEP-1(Define your own start up parameter),

To understand NAS, read the documents related to NAS.