Navision Application server could not initialize properly

Hi all,

I am new to NAS. I have setup an NAS by running the code in cmd prompt

nassql.exe appservername=navnas, NETTYPE=TCP, servername=NAVISION,
database=DBNAme, company=“CMP NAME”, nettype=tcp,
startupparameter=”JOB1”, objectcache=40000, installasservice

Then i created a code unit to insert some details into a table using timer. In the code unit 1 i have written a code like this in NASHAndler function

Then i start the NAS service and it is started. But in eventviewer i am getting the following warning error

The Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV navnas could not initialize properly.

As a result of which my code unit is not running

Thank you in advance

Hi Kathik,

You are right to assume that it’s the startup parameters that goes wrong. I would suggest that you test that your all parameters actually correct. The most easy way to do that is to run the NASMSnapIn.msc in the NAS folder. This way you can easily exchange the parameters. If you are uncertain if the JOB1 parameter actually works, then try to set it to one of the standard NAS parameters, such as ADCS or similar. If this initializes correctly then you know it’s this new parameter. It could also be that you have another NAS running with the same name.