Navision and system with more processors

Hi! We have navision 2.60 on a computer with two processors running.(windows nt 4.0 with navision own database) My question: Uses navision the second processor or not? Is my navision speed more faster with four cpu’s? Is that the same with attain 3.10? Thanks

Navision has no use of extra processors, when it is running on it’s own database. Instead you should consider more ram, or spreading the database over different disks. This is however completely different, if you are using sql server.

Using multiple processors will always slow down a Financials / Attain server on a C/Side database. In theory the amount it slows down is almost immeasurable, But in practice, multiple processors seriously degrade Server performance, because money that should have been spent on multiple raid 1 drives, and ram is wasted on CPUs. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@comcast.net___________ Edited by - David Singleton on 2002 Aug 04 03:11:11