Navision and SQL

Hello folks, I have a general question. We want to set Navision on a SQL Server. Now, i want to know: It’s possible to have the Navision Server running on the same machine where the SQL Server is installed? And where a the diffrencts if we have one Navision Server and an extra SQL Server! Can anyone help me here ? ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail:

Im i understanding this right: running Native Navision on a server already running SQL server, or are you planning to migrate Navision to SQL Navision? /Soren

No, you understanding right, my question is: "Is it possible (or a good solution) to have the Navision Server (2.6)installed on the same machine where the SQL Server is running. (Navision is migrated on the SQL Server) ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail:

Possible? Yes. A good solution? No. Unless it’s for a short time to migrate some data only, and even then. Apart from the question whyyou would want to use native Navision and SQL version side-by-side, it’s simply a matter of putting too much strain on the server when it has to serve two heavy-duty applications. But just from curiosity… tell us why you want a side-by-side setup? John

Hello Its me again. Okay i have Navision 2.6a migrated on SQL 7.0 service pack 3. My question is, can i install Navision as an Application Server on an extra server ? I think no. Because the Navision Client have its on SQL ODBC driver and liberaies. I want to have a typical TWO TIER network. Next Question: Where are the REPORTS,FORM and CODEUNITS Stored in SQL !!! ------------------ Best regards Alejandro Schubert System Engineer EMail: Edited by - alex on 2001 Mar 21 08:33:25

No you can’t. BTW … 2-TIER you already have. Navision (no matter what database) is a typical 2-Tier Architecture. Richard

I must admit, I am confused (or I just don’t understand the point here…) You have transferred a Navision application to run with SQL as the database manager, instead of running on the native database server. So all workstations running Navision client can connect to the SQL server and exchange data to the central database. Correct? If yes, then why do you want to run Navision a second time with its native database? As for the second part, the objects are stored in the database, but only visible and usable with Navision. John