Hey all! Well, we all know (do we?) that the native database for NAVISION is not the favorite anymore. The SQL Server database is not just an “option” anymore, it is THE database for the NAVISION future! We have/had a lot of discussions here, especially when it is about performance. In my opinion, the SQL Server database is the right one for NAVISION, but NAVISION is not the right application for SQL Server. Means: The way of how NAVISION is (ab)using the SQL Server is very poor, in some cases actually totally stupid, which results in sub-optimal performance. Since MS took over NAVISION this slowly improves, but our daily business shows, that there is still a big lack … I think the problem here is, that the MBS guys know about NAVISION, but have no clue about SQL Server, and the MS guys know about SQL Server but have no idea about NAVISION … and there is still a huge distance between these two planets … The result is, that customers and partners have to suffer all the problems that are caused by this constellation. And here is another problem: Most partners (and customers) have not the slightest idea WHAT is causing the problem! Those, who struggle with NAVISION & SQL Server for a while, know about the problems … … but those few guys who know about the problems, in most cases don’t know how to solve them! Yeah, we need a dedicated Filegroup for Indexes, but how to move indexes there? How to determine an optimal Fillfactor? How to set it? How to configure an efficient CLUSTERED INDEX? How to create efficient NON CLUSTERED INDEXES? We should deactivate “Auto. Create/Update Stats”, but how to get right statistics else? What is sufficient Maintenance? How to automize? And so on …

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Hi Joerg, I have no need yet for a SQL-Navision-expert, but in case I do; Does Bodo Danitz speak english?

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[:I] Tino, you have to start reading better…


he’s frequently speaking on SQL Server summits worldwide

Sorry Joerg…