Navision and metaframe

Hi, We are using Navision Attain 3.10A on a Metaframe 1.8 server. We have problem with the keycommand Ctrl+F5 (Show Ledger Entries on for instance Customer Card). Nothing happens when we try this. Have anyone a idea why this is not working? (Other keycommands are working). Best Regards Daniel

Metaframe uses some of the Hotkeys that Navision does. Also, isn’t Metaframe configurable to change the Hotkeys it uses and to allow software Hotkeys through?

Correct, Kristopher, open the Citrix Program Neighborhood. Go to menuitem Tools, ICA Settings, Hotkeys. There you will find that Ctrl + F5 stands for “Toggle Latency Reduction” (what user will use that?). Change the settings for this hotkey to (none) in both boxes. Then this hotkey should be “free” for Navision. This mod seems to have to be set in each Citrix client. Maybe some guru knows how to set this universally. Pelle