navision and jet report

hi ( i am so new this )

i need to iport new data ( tables / files (xml ) to navision (the project is opened using jet data manager) the goal is to create a datawarehouse and generate cubes and than reports ( jet rport )

i have no idea how to do that ( the import , the cubes ) , nor what to use .

please , i need help to know with what to start

Why do you need data warehouse rather than “just” Jet Reports?

Building a DWH is not a trivial thing. It can take months of design and development, just to get a simple report.
You also need to decide on the technologies to build and maintain the DWH. You may decide to build from scratch or use one of the many “add-on’s” for this like Cognos or Targit.

thanks for the replay

i will explain the situation (it’s a mission that i need to reolve )

we already have the navision database with its cubes and reports , but since we have more data , more tables , more files (the factory is growing ) the goal is to add all these new with navision and generate new cubes .


first of all i would recommend to read the documentation. This was the first thing i did when I started to work with Jet Enterprise. Also you have to understand the database structure very well and have some basic knowledge of SQL.
There are also some videos out there with instructions on how to work with Jet Data Manager.

It took me about 6 months to understand the way Dynamics NAV works and how the database is structured and do some reports and modifications in NAV or Jet Data Manager with no prior knowledge about ERP systems/SQL/Accounting so it shouldn’t take much time for you if you have prior knowledge of any of the enumarted above.

So 2 options:
-Hard way (Google, Videos, Blogs, Forums,Documentations)
-Contract someone (Partner or a Freelancer) to teach you everything about NAV and Jet Data Manager.

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thanks for the replay

true and valid and it’ what i am doing ,reading datasheet and watching demos , but since i need to have a global idea on how to do that i posted on this forum just to get a major idea .

Hi Inaam,
Building a DWH for NAV is not different from building it for any other ERP system. The design of the CUBEs, where you already have a head start, is the same.
The last thing you really want to do is to publish data to your DWH.

The "general idea! is what we have tried to give you, but since you haven’t decided exactly which technologies that you will be using both to publish data from NAV and to design the cubes, then it is difficult to give a more precise advise.

If you already have cubes and interface running, then I would not change that, only add the new tables/data using the same tools. Or do you want to start from the bottom again?

Inaam, while using the JDM is not difficult, there is a degree of trainng required as Erik hinted at. I do offer a 3 day Jet Data Manager training through my consulting company Onyx Reporting, I think I already sent you a link to some PDFs. Do you have any more specific questions you’re trying to address?

after some reading and searching , i found the path i am willing to walk on

i will keep the original database (navision ) , and i will add the new data into it (usinf jet data manager : ( add external sql connection , read objects ).

thank you so much for being patient with me , and for the help

hi , thanks for the replay ,

after some reading i am starting to do some training . (still new) but sorry what PDFs ?…/How-to:-An-Introduction-to-Creating-Measures-Dimensions-and-Cubes-using-the-Jet-Data-Manager.html

Sorry about that. This may help.