Navision and Crystal Report

Dear all,

How to connect Navision Native DB to Crystal Report.

How to call a Crystal Report from a Navision Form.

How to Pass report Parameters from a Form to a Crystal Report.

If i have created a report in Crystal Reports 9, how can i integrate it into Navision in a way that users who do not have CR9 installed in their systems can also access and use it?

There is a ton of information on the site about Crystal, though start by searhing posts from user “savatage”, as Harry seems to be the local NAV Crystal expert [Y], you can find his threads here:

and general crystal reports threads here:

My final solution, after many tries, is this - tho the boolean to function + hyperlink works fine - the attachment list works much better & cleaner.

but to connect a native database with crystal you need to install n/odbc or c/odbc depending on your version.

IN control panel->administrative tools->Data sources you setup your connection.
I never created a report in nav that calls a crystal report because it never made sence to me.

you can create unlimited reports in crystal and create a link to them in nav.
but (on average) most probably only have 100 custom nav reports, tho you can BUY more, report range 50000…50099. and I didn’t want to waste those 100 on crystal reports, it was better to save them for something else.