Navision advantages over .net?

can anyone briefly descibe the advantages of navision over .net?

Why do you want to compare both of them which are completely diiferent?

@mohana: i agree with you but my question is what are essential features that nav have compare to other languages?

just i came to knw frm my colleague, nav has additinal features like drilldowns and lookups compare to other languages

Navision is an ERP system, its used as the core tool for running a business, controlling inventory paying bills etc.

.NET is a methodology for developing code that will work together.

The only thing they have in common is the letter “N” in the name. If you want you could do a similar comparison between Nuts and November.

Trying to compare Navision to .NET would be like trying to compare a car (Navision) against an engine (.NET)

Navision is a full blown ERP (huge existing code base), which is extensible via a development environement where you can invoke .NET assembly if you wanted to.

With .NET you’ve got a robust framework for developing on Windows, howerver if you need an ERP this would take an entire skilled team a few years of development to recreate what’s ship out of the box in NAV …