Navision 5.0 running on Citrix 4.5

We have discovered Citrix has an issue running Navision 5.0 because it uses .Net Frameworks 2.0 and Citrix 4.0 uses .Net Framework 1.0.

I installed Citrix 4.5 which uses .Net Framework 2.0 along with Navision 5.0 which also used .Net 2.0.

Now that I have Navision 5.0 installed on a Citrix 4.5 server, finsql.exe is crashing with a DrWatson errors.

The crashes are only happening in both ICA and RDP sessions. Running finsql.exe from the desktop does not result in a crash

Is there a known issue running Navision 5.0 on Citrix 4.5? Is there a Service Pack which may resolve the problem. Right now, Navision 5.0 is better off being installed on Citrix 4.0 as this still works. Thanks

The application, M:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\CSIDE Client\finsql.exe, generated an application error The error occurred on 09/12/2007 @ 22:12:10.218 The exception generated was c0000094 at address 005DB046 (finsql)

Faulting application finsql.exe, version 5.0.24199.0, faulting module finsql.exe, version 5.0.24199.0, fault address 0x001db046.

I would contact MS. I have not seen or read any known issues with citrix and 5.0. One thing I’ve seen is 5.0 crashing during hibernation…