Navision 5.0 - Credit Card Processing/Payments

How is the best way to track, pay or process credit card transactions? If I set up a credit card as a bank account for example how would I reflect the payment to pay off that card. I also want to track Vendor transactions that we use to pay with the credit card where we are creating a PO. We also want to track transactions that are processed like gas that is paid using the credit that doesn’t need to be tracked at the vendor level. The vendor used for that transaction would just be the credit card. If anyone can suggest the cleanest easiest way to set this up I’d greatly appreciate the input. Thanks!


I would use a bank account as a credit card and then when you pay it off it is a payment from the genuine bank to the credit card bank account. So a journal between 2 bank accounts.

As for vendor payment tracking, why not set up a payment method referring to credit cards and then assign to vendors?

Then for non vendor payments, just make the payments from the credit card bank account.

Easiest use of out of the box Nav!