Navision 4 / 5 published on Citrix 4.0 - ZUP files


I have a Citrix server farm hosting the Navision application across 3 servers. All servers are load balanced. I keep hearing users are losing their custom settings and views. Where are these ZUP files located and how do I syncronize them across the entire farm (3 servers)? Thanks


You could put ZUP file in a shared folder and in Navision shortcut insert parameter to tell where zup is located. In this way even if a user goes to another server ZUP settings aren’t lost.

Where are these files stores by default? I’m very new to Navision. What would there parameters in the shortcut look like?

By default ZUP file is saved in C:\Documents and Settings[User Profile]\Application Data
Check for a file named in.zup

Check this post for a possible solution to save zup file in a shared folder.

That worked like a damn! Thanks

You are welcome, glad to know I could help you. [:)]