navision 3.70 restore

Hi, I have a testserver - navision 3.70 with its own database (64 GB - 16 Files with 4 GB) and want to import there a complete navision backup from my real navision server with Menu Tools in the navision client. After some hours restore I get the following error message: Internal Error 1355 in Module 19. When I click on the link what does this error report contain I get the following error message box: Error signature: EventType: navisioninternalerror P1: navision P2: P3: 1355 P4:19 It is also a navinfo.txt file generated with the following content: error class=internal error program=navision ( operating system=windows 2000 (5.0.2195) Total physical memory=1021MB Used virtual Memory=66MB . . Windows Authetication=No Commit Cache=Yes Database cache(KB)=8000 Client/Server Version No=21 What could I do? Who has an idea? Thanks!

Using this topic: You can see the Internal Error means: 19-1355 #Err_DB_DBMNotReentrant DB_Err(1355) Searching the Forum for 19 1355 returns the following topics:,1355,1355,1355,1355

3.70B had addressed (nearly) all occurences of this error.