Navision 3.70 restore error!

Hi, I have a testserver - navision 3.70 with its own database (64 GB - 16 Files with 4 GB) and want to import there a complete navision backup from my real navision server with Menu Tools in the navision client. After some hours restore I get the following error message: Internal Error 1355 in Module 19. When I click on the link what does this error report contain I get the following error message box: Error signature: EventType: navisioninternalerror P1: navision P2: P3: 1355 P4:19 It is also a navinfo.txt file generated with the following content: error class=internal error program=navision ( operating system=windows 2000 (5.0.2195) Total physical memory=1021MB Used virtual Memory=66MB . . Windows Authetication=No Commit Cache=Yes Database cache(KB)=8000 Client/Server Version No=21 What could I do? Who has an idea? Thanks!

Not sure how you are restoring. I do this 2 ways. #1, From off-line backup. Stop Navision service, copy the db file. #2, From on-line backup. Using HotCopy take an online backup of the db. Once I have the database.fdb file, then: 1 - I stop the Navision service on the target server, if it isn’t already stopped. 2 - I simply copy the file to the new server, replacing the database.fdb file on that server. 3 - Start the Navison service. This has the added benefit of testing my backup recovery process. gud luk Gary

First, here is an explanation: Err_DB_DBMNotReentrant, which means that another thread tries to call the server while it is processing the same function. This can also happen if for example an Virusscanner or Backup programm has locked the database. If you search for the error in the forum, you will get several hints.