Navision 3.70 announced

Microsoft has now announced that on July 15, 2003, Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 3.70 will be released to the US and Canada. The main objectives for the release have been to improve the perceived and actual quality of the Navision product by:

  • Quality enhancements
  • Making improvements in specific areas based on suggestions from our channel through out the world
  • Addressing market requirements for Basic Warehousing
  • Implementing initiatives to support simplicity
    The branding and name changes have also been made. This means that the Attain name is now finally gone with this version. There are no larger improvements, but the list of error fixes (quality enhancements) is huge. The document listing the changes to this version (compared to 3.60) is almost 250 pages (over 1000 changes) - the longest I remember ever to have seen. Now you would think that this means that 3.60 had all these errors! That’s right, but many of the errors go’s way back - some where reported back in Financials 1.30 in 1998! The beta testing program of 3.70 is completed and the product is now being localized. So it’s up to your local Microsoft Business Solutions office to tell you when they have completed their work. I’m only familar with the offical release date in North-America (July 15, 2003). If you know when 3.70 is to be released in your country, then please reply to this message. Best regards, Erik Ernst webmaster

Has Microsoft really not announced 3.70 in other countries? If yes, please post a reply here and tell us when.

Hi Erik In the UK we received the WI Beta 3.70 recently but the literature with the CD mentioned nothing of a UK release date. Furthermore the messages are being mixed coming out of Microsoft as they try to get communicaitons under one roof, but searching these areas give no indication of a release date. If I hear of anything I will post it, but we think it will be around late June early July!

The release for 3.70 DE-Version is scheduled for July!

September for BElgium.

We have been given the beta2 release for 3.70 but this has not been localised for the UK. We have also been given a document describing the additional functionality that has been written for 3.70 (such as the set-up check list wizard and standard sales and purchase lines). However, I have so far been unable to obtain the document which lists the fixes that have been implemented in this version. I am very keen to get hold of this document (although, at 250 pages, I’m not sure I will get chance to read it all!!). If any one knows where I can get hold of this document, I would be eternally grateful…[:)] Here’s hoping someone can help…

Hi Erik Whilst trying to find the document locally for Alison I found this:


Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision W1 3.70 will be released for localization Mid- April 2003 and for manufacturing end of May 2003. Microsoft Business Solutions – Navision GB 3.70 is due to be released Mid-July 2003.


For those of you that have the Beta. Could you tell me if they include the “Item tracking Lines” option in the Job Journal? Regards, Jesús Soage

No - afraid not! There are a few fixes to jobs (about three pages in the document) but nothing is mentioned about jobs and item tracking integration (or warehouse management and jobs integration for that matter) Ally.

Anyone got updates for 3.70 release dates? My own sources tell me that the final World Wide version was released on May 27th. 2003, but only to the NTR’s.

Hi Erik Mid-July for the UK if everything goes to plan [:D]

W1 3.70 can be downloaded from the partnerguide since last week.

It is on the partner guide. But after downloading it I couldn’t get it to install on my Win 98 o/s.

Hi Willy and Navicons It was an old post where Erik asked when the localisations were being “officially” released. Most have had access to the W1 version for a while.

Just saw it too. That’s great! It’s first time I see any Navision relevant in the Partnerguide download section… [:)]

W1 3.70 also can be downloaded from the ***.. Edited by Admin.

Jee Jin Liew, Please notice that your information was deleted, as the Microsoft Business Solutions User Group cannot support any illigal activities, such as distrubuting copyrighted software (even if it’s put up as a demo). Only Microsoft is allowed to do this as well as any of their other copyrighted documents and tools, unless they have a specific written approval - which I know that they don’t have. Their resellers are allowed to distribute copies of the demo cd, but only for marketing purposes.

US 3.70 will not be release until August 1st. MBS just updated their website.

I was wondering if anyone knew if and when Nav 3.7 was being released in Australia. We have asked our local NSC, but there seem to be getting no joy out of Microsoft - something to do with internal re-shuffling or something like that. Any help would be appreciated as we are about to upgrade to Nav 3.6 and if 3.7 is not that far away then we can hold off.

Hello, We have just been told that the official release date for GB3.70 in the UK will be 15th July.