Navision 3.7 Optimize.

Hi Guys,

I’m so happy to find this very helpful site,finally i’ll get some help in MS NAV 3.7.Actually we are NAV 3.7B on SQL 2000.I have been struggling to maintain few tables in SQL,mainly the TRANS_ SALES ENTRY,TRANSACTION,BIN ENTRY and the most problematic ACTIONS tables,i set a SQL job to INDEXDEFRAG all the indexes for this table,but there’s no much differeance!Users does get blocked and the final solution is OPTIMIZE using the NAV application.

I would like to know,what does exactly this function do ?Using profiler i found ,it seems all the indexes are re-created ,but for tables like SALES ENTRY,BIN ENTRY…it takes more than 1 hour and all this cannot be automated.

Will you please advise any other solution to this ?

Eagerly waiting for a response.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Ryan,

it looks like some of those tables are custom work done by your partner. Can you go intot he object designer and check the numbers and see what they are.

Tuning is somewhat limited on 3.70/2000 (not impossible, but limited), so is there any possibility of moving to newer executables. Either way, there are some much better solutions than using optimize.

Thanks David,
Yes,the tables are modified by our partners,is there any way of maintaining it ?maybe any softwares …anything ? Please ?


SQL Perform have a product that can do what you are after, and Jorg Stryk has a tool kit that allows you to do it your self. Both are excellent options.

I have a few customers in Dubai using the SQL Perform tool, so if you need a local reference let me know. Actually I just got back from Dubai on Friday, lovely “spring” weather you are having there right now, I am really looking forward to the Weather when I go there in August [:’(]

Hey David,mercury going up …it’s gettin hotter here…close to 50 deg.August would be the best weather and ramandan holidays…so less workin hours ;-)…

The softwares you mentioned,works on nav 3.7 ?will it take care of the indexes …the way NAV maintains it?will you able to give me some more info?lots can be done on SQL,but the way NAV uses it …it’s crazy [:D] and driving us mad !

Thanks a lot.

Actually went out on a Desert tour last week, and it was actually cooler in the desert than in the city … ouch…

In reality most of what you lose is because of SQL 2000, RAM and things like that. Most of the NAV 3.70 issues like clustered indexes and maintaing SLQ indexes you can “fake” in other ways. The big thing comes in trying to get the most out of your hardware with 2000.