Navision 3.60 and SQL Server SP4

Hi, does somebody have experience with Navision 3.60 or 3.70 in combination with SQL Server 2000 SP 4 ? Works it fine or dou you know some problems ? Kind regards from Austria [:D]

I am running SQL Server 2000 SP4 on my laptop, and most of my databases are on it without any problem. The versions that I use are 3.60, 3.60A, 3.70, 3.70B, 4.0

Hi Daniel, thanks for your answer, do you know installations in “real” environments with 50 concurrent users or more with SQL Server 2000 and SP4 ?

We have at least two sites running on SQL SP4. One site is 3.60 the other is 3.70. Both sites are ~30GB and 20-25 users. They have been on SP4 for several months and we have had no issues. Just be sure to install the hotfix if you are using AWE. See Microsoft KB 899761 for info on the hotfix.

Most of our customers just install those types of things themselves, and we don’t find out about them until there is an issue. For all I know all my SQL customers are on SP4 and I don’t even know about it.

Hi, thanks for your answers regards Jürgen

well, depending on the size of the database and the number of concurrent users, some issues exist with SQL Server: connection blocking may occur resulting in long response times. there are some performance issues like suboptimal indexing… but there’s a solution to such problems… regards, bodo michael danitz