navision 3.6

I’m installing Navision 3.6 client in SQL server option on windows 98 Second Edition. This has been done on 4 systems with windows 98 SE. however on one system the 3.6 client has been installed successfully and i can able to connect to the database (in SQL ) and other systems its throwing error at "finsql.exe : illegal operation has been performed. " 1. anything wrong with navision client 3.6 installation? 2. anything wrong with windows 98 OS with Second edition ?? i hv even tried to install on a system which has been formatted again and loaded with windows 98 Second edition but the problem still persists. any suggestions on how can i install the 3.6 client alone on windows 98 Second edition without any problems ?? Regards Ardent.

Have you applied all of the hotfixes for the 3.6 executables? Have you considered installing the 3.7 executables? Also, make sure the video drivers are up to date for all workstations. Django

I guess the hot fixes will come later stage… correct me if i’m wrong. i hv installed the same setup on other client site which is working and here also (the latest place) where i’m installing the same, one among 4 systems - can able to connect to the server… however the problem is with the other 3 systems… ? all the 4 systems are windows 98 with SE. where am i not getting it right ? i have to roll out the same to atleast 20 more systems… [:(]

Hotfixes should be installed right away - that are updates to the executables. Improvements, which affect code, can be deal with separately. I did come across some other posts in one of the forums that talked about Win98 not being supported anymore. Other posters said they didn’t have a problem. [xx(] Try the hotfixes first, then the video card drivers. I know that teh drivers might not seem related but everything you put on the screen has to go through the drivers - lots of odd problems can be caused by older video drivers. If you have a newly formatted machine you might try using Symantec’s Ghost to take an image of the working Win98 machine and overwrite the new install. Django

This is at initial stage… (ofcourse no data entry part has been done) … still in the testing stage only. still do i need to upload the hotfixes ?? how does the video card drivers will affect ? the client has old windows 98 system on which he has loaded Second edition patch.?? [?]

Yes - install the hotfixes right after installing the software. Old video drivers can cause all sorts of problems that don’t appear to be related. There are no errors that say “Error caused by video driver” unfortunately. Installing updated video drivers is always a good thing to do anyway. Win98SE is your best bet. Django

Do you have the recommended hardware for Navision SQL option?

You can search the forums or obtain a document from Navision which outlines the suggested hardware for SQL Server. I haven’t done an SQL install yet so I’m the wrong person to ask. [:)]