Navision 3.6 with SQL Server

I am getting “Untrusted Sql connection” error when I use “Database Server Authentication”. I am using Navision 3.6 Sql Server option on windows 2000 server. Here is what I did Created a Navision Backup from native database Connected to SQL server from Navision SQL client. Created new database Imported Navision Backup. Created Sql User (TEST), gave access to the database. Added database logins (TEST) /roles (super). But when I try to open the database using TEST user I get error message “…Untrusted Sql connection…” I am working on the server machine only and I am able to logon using “Windows Authentication” from the serever. Can anyone please give me some suggestions. Thanks, Sat

Although I don’t recognise the text of this error, there is one common problem with using Database Authentication. That is that you must ensure that your server is set up to allow both SQL Authentication and Windows Authentication, which is often overlooked when installing the server. Check it by opening Enterprise Manager and right click on your server name. Choose Properties. In the Security tab you must ensure that the Authentication option is set to “SQL Server and Windows” and not to “Windows only”. (By the way, you don’t need to manually grant access to the databases for your users. Attain will do this when you enter the user into User table. For Database Authentication you only need to create the SQL logins, which are server-wide, not database specific. For Windows Authentication you don’t even need grant access to the logins.)

Thanks, It worked.