Navision 3.6 main menu

setting up a new environment for development. installed navion for sql. using sql 2000. created a new database. have restored a navision backup of our production system to the new db. when I launch the client open the db and open the company the main menu does not display. How do I get the Main Menu to show up???

F12 or the blue Navision button on the right hand side of the toolbar… did that help, or am i missing something??? Saludos Nils

nope - that does not work. after opening the company nothing happens. if i click navision button or hit f12 - still no main menu…

Check the objects in the Object Designer (hope you have access…) are all the forms, reports, codeunits present? Might be that you restored a backup without the application objects. Tables and tabla data get restores, but there wouldn’t be any objects around… Saludos Nils

Hello, It sounds like you have just restored the data and not the database objects. You cannot open the menu because it was not in the backup. I would scrap the database, create a new one and go back and create a new backup - It may be that you have not imported the ‘Data common to all companies’ either. If you are doing a Navision internal backup, check that the following are set: a) Selected Companies b) Data common to all companies c) Application Objects. When you come to do the restore check that these options are also set to “Yes”. Hope this helps.

Looks like Nils beat me to it…[:D]

… tough you did elaborate your answer much more, that gave me some moments of advantage [;)] A quicker solutions could be to export all the objects from your source db, and import them into the already restored database. That should be sufficient, and avoids the need to create all those secondary keys again. Saludos Nils

Thanks all for the help. the key was to scrap it all. start with fresh new database - restore a navision backup of our production database. then the crucial item was after restore competes - go to security and add a user to have super role. I think this step and being sure the backup I used was complete were the fix.

Hi guys, this used to happen a couple of times to me as well (Version 4 SQL Option). I think in my case it was, that after creating the Database I acccidentally hit F12. This created some objects were created (Tables in the 20000000xx range). Because of the allread existing tables, only the Table Objects were created when restoring the backup.