Navision 3.56 consultant


I am looking for Navision 3.56 consultant but outside Denmark, are there any of them exists? :slight_smile:

David Singleton. I believe he has Navision 3.56 experience. You can PM him, he’s a moderator on this forum.

Yes I can help, but it depends what you want.

I do have 3.56 experience, it has been a while and it was mostly as programmer. But feel free to contact me.

Hi Dave, how to send PM to you?

Hi Aistdk,

For sending PM, do the following:

Click on his user name in the above post, then his profile will open-up.

There is a button “Send an email”, use that for sending email to him.

Thank you :slight_smile:

it is just when I click on David Singleton there is no link “Send an email” :frowning:

I see that there is no send email on my profile, nor a PM function. I have sent you a PM, please reply to that or email.


Wauw! And here I was, thinking that only customer “left” on the good old 3.56 was ours - still using a system launched January 1st 1993! Ok, actions have been taken to upgrade to newest one. But still today Navigator 3.56a works! (kind of proud [;)])

Le’t make club of 3.56 dinosaur! [:)]