Navision 2013 Report showing data partially in some cases

yo, i am designing a report on visual studio 2010 sp1. I am working on navision 2013 (dunno the version of sql since i dont have access to it, should be 2008 r2/2012).

Ok, the report i have to design should show g/l account totals by customer. For e.g

customer x amount

g/l account a 10000

g/l account b 25000



total amountx

for this i based my report on Customer Table and am calculating the balance of clients for particular account for a particular period in the aftergetrecordtrigger of the customer data item. Report has footer and inside there is only text in one single text box. The header comprises of company logo and company information such as name,address, etc. On btw im doing the companyinfomation.get on prereport trigger.

Now, whenever i fill a customer no in the request page filter everything shows perfectly, but

  1. whenever i do not enter anything in the customer no filter(btw is the only requiredfilter) the report only displays text, value of customer no and customer name but nothing else is being shown,
  • company logo shows the red cross symbol which i think stands for no picture to display
  • no company data are showing only the fixed text that i typed on being showed.
  • Out of the 3 amounts i am displaying not even a single one if being displayed.
  1. when i try filtering by customer no lets say 100…200, everything would be shown on the report 2 out of 5 times(approx). In the remaining 3 times it would exhibit the behaviour i mentioned in 1.

Next thing i think i should mention, i that i tried deleting everything and put only company logo in header and customer no in body but company logo still doesnt show.

I have tried taking out the grouping by customer that i put in the tablix in visual studio but nothing changed.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing it?

Well i know i;m not so good at english and explaining things so let me know if you need any other information.

I would suggest you to check the grouping you have made in layout. As per your requirement I think it sould be by Customer No. And also for Logo, have you put compInfo.Calcfields(CompInfo.Picture); I am sure u would have put it.

The scenario is not predictable as you say in same cases it prints as required, only you can do better introspection.

Hope to listen from you how exactly you resolved it !!


Gaurav Singh

Well i have already tried grouping the data by customer no. and have tried it without any grouping at all but i didnt get any improvements as to my problem. And yes i have done compinfo.calcfields(compinfo.picture), as i already mentioned in the case i filter by a single customer everything is being shown perfectly.

Also i understand that the header or logo will print as required but in my case there is not anything that affects the picture box directly or indirectly, and i am not even touching the compinfo record after doing a get on it and since the height is always fixed in my case i do not really understand why it does not show itself.

is the output same when you print it in pdf !!

I had faced similar case but after running the report when i clicked PRINT LAYOUT , the ouput was perfect !



Hmm sorry for the delay well i had my login saved on another laptop… well anyway i have tried printing in pdf and guess what lol i get the following error:

rendering output for the report failed and the following error occurred: An error has occurred during report processing.

Oh and i also tried printing the report on paper and the output was same as i described in the opening post.

umm somebody, anybody any ideas…