Navision 2009 Slow Startup Speed

Hi All

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I need to carry out some application performance test on 2009 Nav classic. The application start up speed is extremely slow , taking up to 25 seconds and often freezes

Could you please point me where to start, what i need to check/modify?

Ram is 32 GB on server 2012

Hi Douglas

I would personally start by recompiling all objects. Then I would restart the server, then the instance … but you probably have than all this already.
I would then launch SQL Server Profiler and check what is querying the database. Or I would google for a query to capture running transactions.
After you figured out what the problem is and your system is behaving normally I would build a server baseline. Check my article here:
Good luck!

Hi Silviu,

Thank you for the response. i have gone through your document and will need to research more on using the methods mentioned.

Much appreciated,