Naviflow Workflow

hi all, in the navision attain license, version 3.01 i see this item called “Naviflow Workflow”. what does this naviflow do? is it a tool for developing a workflow for navision or is this tool used internally by navision attain?

To the best of my knowledge, NaviFlow is an Add-on developed by GBA Systems at Their add-on description reads: Naviflow is a workflow management tool that allows template definition and implementation within Navision Financials to enforce coordination and processing of required actions between departments. Fully integrated within Navision Financials, Naviflow provides the means to move any message, document, or record from one user to another. Rules can be established that require certain actions to transpire before other actions can be taken. Both concurrent and sequential processes, and any combination thereof, may be defined in a template. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

i do not see naviflow in the 2.60 version, but the work flow in navision attain 3.0 and 2.60 looks alike to me. but if what you say is true, then are there rules/parameters where we can specify in navision to enforce these workflows? as far as i know, navision has some in-built work flow, but to add-on additional workflows, the only i can think of is to go back to c/al coding again… well then, is that the only way to enforce a work flow in navision?

The NaviFlow add-on product to which I referred is additional functionality that was written in C/AL code by GBA Systems for resale to other NSCs. I am not familiar with an work flow functionality built into the standard product, whether version 2.6 or Attain. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

yeah, i have heard of that before too… but i have not seen it. that is why it makes me wonder, to see it in navision attain’s license file, but the naviflow functionality is no where to be seen in the navision program it self.?

Jordan : Naviflow is an add-on, therefore all of it’s functionalities are simply NOT available in (Standard)Navision out of box. Only after you’ve purchased the add-on and imported the set of objects for Naviflow you will be then able to access the functionalities for NaviFlow. Having the granule in your license does not always means that the add-on is included in your database, I guess you must hold a developer license that’s all … ######