NAV5.0 Outlook Synchronization


I’m working with the outlook synchronization in NAV 5.0.

Now, its working quite nicely, except i have to do a Full-Synchronization everytime i want to update my calendar instead of a normal synchronization.

I’m synchronizing a service table uni-directional from NAV to Outlook.

Does anyone know who / what to do to make the normal sync work in outlook?


Hi Joeri I’ve do it, and it seems to work fine, but there is quite a lot of setup to the new Outlook Sync, so its going to be hard to find where your issue is if I can’t see it.

If you just Synchronise and don’t do a full sync does it give you the update about whats happened? i.e. 1 record modified etc?

If i create a new record, and give the command to synchronize it says 0 updates. But when i do a full sync it says 1 new record.

Hey Joeri, I have a working setup on my Virtual PC, I’ll try to get some time to have a look and let you know my setup.