NAV2015 - Zoom Shortcut Ctrl Shift F1 does not work on Lenovo Notebook


we are using NAV2015 over an VPN Tunnel and i get asked today to set up the zoom function. By default the NAV Users can zoom into the details of a dataset when they hit Ctrl-Shift-F1.

This works on our Apple MacBookAir but not on our Windows Notebooks (lenovo l440). I had tried a lot of solutions, nothing works. When i hit Ctrl Shift F1 a internet explorer windows open and tries to connect to the NAV Help Webside from this server. Every combination with the FN Key on this laptop fails…

I am not very familiar with NAV2015 and i would appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Thx in advance


Just Try : Ctrl-Shift-Fn-F1

Use Ctrl+Win+Alt+F1