NAV2009R2 Reports - what Visual Studio version(s) should be installed

I have followed several links to try and fathom exactly what we need to modify NAV 2009R2 reports for RTC but have just got really confused and in most cases, it is older threads referring to NAV2009 or NAV2009 R1.

What exactly do we need to be able to modify reports such as a standard report which we copy and then need to make changes to for the RTC users.

The requirement is so simple but the execution seems to be so tricky!

I installed Visual Studio 2010 but get the error that no correct visual studio version can be found.

Visual Studio 2008

Here is my confusion.

This blog is from 2010.

Since then, much has been done with NAV2009 including the R2 release.

So, is this blog still true and accurate?

I had read it before and was keen to see something that mentioned R2.

Yes, Its applicable to NAV2009R2 also